Best Barrel Wines

Both premium labels are made in special years from the best 1 or 2 barrels of the base wine. Collins Class (so named as it is Lofty Valley’s classiest wine and is located on Collins Road) can also be considered a play on the submarine of the same name as we are often underwater in winter!

Lani’s View is special, though not as special as Brian’s wife, Lani who came from Vancouver in 2008 with her family to share in the great view at Lofty Valley. Hopefully one day Lofty Valley opens  a limited cellar door and you too can share her special view….check out the pictures if you want an idea of her struggles!

You can visit by appointment, preferably Saturday afternoon which is officially ‘wine o’clock’ at Lofty!

Sending a text a day or so beforehand is recommended to see if anyone will be around.