Current Wines

Aloft Sauvignon Blanc 2016 $18

Perfect drinking for spring and summer any time of day. Quite an amazing nose and not too sweet! Even non sav drinkers are intrigued by this wine!

Naked Rose 2016 $20 ( red and yellow label options, but the exact same wine).


100% Pinot Noir hand picked  from vines normally reserved for table wine. This rose is not as sweet as some, but has immense is made for the lovers of Pinot, it being almost a table wine, aged in oak barrels for 7 months. Close enough to a Pinot Blanc so you can serve food with it. 

Ascent Chardonnay 2013, 14 $32

2013 is now the perfect drink, 2014 has a little more quirkiness so is not your traditional chardonnay yet. All our Chardonnays undergo full MLF….so fuller wines, plenty of stone fruit evidence but definitely NOT buttery!

Steeped/r Pinot 2014, 15 $39

2014 is the heavier  and more oaky style, 2015 turns most Burgundy lover‘s heads favourably….and Halliday gave these wines 95 and 93 points respectively!

Collins Class 2012, 13, 14 $49

The 2012 is super smooth, 2013 spicier and the 2014 has the oak in your face….

Lani’s View 2012, 13$49

The 2012 is a very serious Chardonnay, very few cases left…

The 2014 was also made  comes with a warning “unfiltered”* It is only available at cellar door $30. Movement will cloud the wine so it needs to sit for a month and then be poured carefully.

* While the taste is amazing, the texture superb and the mouth feel overly generous, if you shake the bottle at all you will think that someone had added Coopers Pale to your wine glass.  For this reason this wine will never get to the restaurants. It’s great to have a wine that we can keep all to ourselves….well until you actually try it. It won’t be getting rated either…

Pinaz 2014 (Unlabelled) $20 cellar door only

Yes Pinaz, a word made up from combining Pinot and Shiraz. Some (Adelaide Hills) Shiraz free run was added to a couple of barrels of Pinot. Worth a try as it is quite the daytime red for a summer afternoon, even better chilled a little!